Effective communication is fundamental to organisational success, yet it is regularly cited as a major weakness for many organisations – particularly during periods of upheaval.  With ‘change’ now a constant feature of the corporate landscape, organisations need to work out why they are not meeting this crucial performance metric. 

OCK’s Communication + Change services include: 

  • Organisational communication: Within your organisation, communication is the glue that keeps people connected – to your vision, to your customers, and to each other. Strong internal communication driven by passionate and dedicated leaders is a must for any organisation looking to outstrip its competitors. OCK offers a broad range of organisational communications services including audit and peer review, structural / functional design, internal communication strategy and plan development, channel optimisation, content planning and development, and cultural and employee engagement / enablement services.

  • Change and communication strategy development: A robust and considered approach to communication and change is paramount to achieving your overall vision and business strategy. Whether you need to galvanise your workforce, drive new behaviours, or get closer to your customer, OCK can help develop a clear and compelling communication and change strategy to set you on the right path.

  • Stakeholder engagement: OCK provides strategic advice and planning services to improve stakeholder identification and prioritisation, enhance engagement efforts (including consultation), target communication activities, and mitigate risks.

  • Facilitation and training: With a dedicated facilitation and training specialist as part of our team, OCK offers a full suite of services in this area including strategy development and planning facilitation, community consultation facilitation, capability upskilling (presentation, writing, personal positioning), and train the trainer services.

  • Corporate communication (general): Day-to-day communication support from content development, issues management, channel audits, communication research, function / department reviews, message development and positioning.

  • Customer engagement & digital strategy: Strategic advice and planning support to help your organisation deliver a rich and seamless customer experience in ways that align and reinforce your brand.