At the heart of the Innovation + Agility practice, lies the O’Connor Kingsford Innovation Framework — a unique, robust, and comprehensive system that directly supports continuous innovation.

Being ‘continuously innovative’ means your organisation can capitalise on opportunities as they arise, readily respond to change, and even create new markets.  The focus of the OCK Innovation Framework is on helping organisations reach this state, rather than a sole focus on idea generation. 

OCK’s Innovation + Agility services include:

  • Innovation Maturity Assessment: Our proprietary Maturity Assessment Methodology identifies an organisation’s current ability to innovate and assesses its operational change readiness to determine how well it can extract value from innovative ideas. The outputs of the assessment are plotted against an industry standard maturity model, helping clients to visualise their current state and potential journey forward.

  • Innovation Management: Our Innovation Management offering focuses on the establishment (or revitalisation) of the Innovation Management Office (IMO) to drive initiatives and provide leadership throughout the innovation lifecycle. This is supported with a suite of governance and innovation management processes tailored to your organisation.

  • Capability Uplift Planning: Structured organisational capability and individual competency plans are developed to mature a business, so it is more innovative and agile.

  • Transformation & Change: Once current state maturity is identified, and uplift planning has taken place, a strategy is developed to provide an achievable change plan from current state to future or interim desired state.

  • Systems Uplift: An organisation’s internal systems are often identified as a blocker for innovation and agility. Systems uplift provides a structured path away from legacy and ineffective systems toward agile, responsive and integrated supporting technologies.

  • Agile Ways of Working (WOW): Systems and processes that are truly agile in nature provide an organisation with the means to efficiently respond to continuous innovation. Agile WOW gradually introduces the governance, structures, processes and technologies needed to speed time to market.