O’Connor Kingsford’s Leadership + Strategy practice bridges the gap between your organisation’s vision and the strategies required to achieve it. We work with you to identify and remove the barriers to innovation and performance, solve complex problems, and galvanise your workforce to deliver on strategic intent.

Importantly, we also build capability – helping leaders to embrace change and support their people to do so too.  We help them to develop and hone their leadership skills and provide them with practical tools to help them keep on top of the changes around them.

OCK’s Leadership + Strategy services include:

  • Catalyst: Specialised events to unite an organisation towards a common vision. Catalyst fast-tracks problem solving, helping organisations address their complex issues and prepare for the changes ahead, saving time and money while delivering a robust blueprint of all required changes to innovate your organisation.

  • Enterprise Design: Defining your organisational future so that all parts operate in harmony with emphasis on innovation value supporting your business and technology capabilities over the short to longer term.

  • Strategy Development: In an increasingly complex digital world, specific organisational strategies are needed to navigate risk, future proof your organisation and enable you to become a truly adaptable organisation ready to capture your share of tomorrow’s opportunities.

  • Business & Life Consulting: Focused, confidential coaching to optimise every aspect of your business to ensure you and your teams can successfully utilise and grow capabilities to take the organisation from where it is now to where you want it to be.

  • Advisory & Assurance: Expert advice, guidance and assurance as your trusted partner overseeing your change process, ensuring initiatives align and deliver the expected value for greater performance and capability.